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Annabelle – Marlborough

Annabelle has been with We Love Pets for over three years as a dog walker with our Hungerford and Marlborough team. We Love Pets (WLP) was set up in Newbury and Hungerford (Berkshire) in 2007. The idea was to provide a professional dog walking and dog boarding service for customers busy at work or away on holiday. WLP have looked after thousands of dogs since it was established 9 years ago.

Wet weather isn’t a concern for Annabelle after some fabulously exciting work in the past as a geologist.

‘Just make sure you always have a full set of waterproofs and dress for all weathers – you will get wet, but you’ll soon get used to it if
you’re not already’.

Dogs are a sure way to attract everyone’s attention, so unless you go off the beaten track every walk, you’re guaranteed to get some lovely comments and smiles from the general public.

‘I was enjoying a walk with my own dog, Cassine (German Shepherd) and a regular Ruby, who’s a Rottweiler, when someone shouted from a van ‘Blimey no one’s going to mug you with those two’ – I wasn’t going to disagree, but we only ever walk non-aggressive dogs, but it was funny’.

Annabelle’s average day is around 2.5-4 hours long working for We Love Pets, so she’s able to combine it with her love for the outdoors and spending time horse riding and gardening, which probably explains why she’s more than happy being outdoors every day.

‘Dog walking could be lonely if you’re not used to time on your own, but our branch managers make sure there are regular occasions to meet up socially, and you’ll also work closely with colleagues during handovers, exchanging keys and it’s inevitable you’ll bump into each other when out with the dogs’.

We asked Annabelle what skills she thinks a prospective dog walker would need, other than loving pets.

‘Great organisational details, so you can arrive to your destination when expected and pass on important details between dog walkers, for periods of cover during holidays’.

What can I say… 5* service from the moment I dropped him off till the moment I picked him up.  Regular pictures and texts really put my mind at ease.  I will 100 percent be using again and would recommend to anybody thinking of going away, to use this service !!

Toby with Jones
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Franchising opportunities

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