Should dogs have wet noses?

Should dogs have wet noses?

by Dr Craig Waldron

Is it a myth that dogs should have wet noses?

In general, they can be either wet or dry. I’ve seen hundreds of dogs during my career, and the wetness (or dryness) of dogs’ noses varies from individual to individual, and may even vary throughout the day. However, they are usually at least a little moist, and they certainly shouldn’t look very dry.

It is more relevant to know what is normal for an individual dog, and to consider that individual’s health in general, as well as looking for other changes to the nose that may be significant. These changes can include redness, crusting, growths, discharges, ulcerations, apparent pain, altered pigmentation, and other respiratory changes such as coughing and breathing difficulties.

You should always consult a pet’s registered veterinary surgeon if you have specific concerns in relation to the health and welfare of an animal in your care. Similarly, if you would like to confirm that a dog’s nose is normal (or abnormal), a pet’s registered vet would be best placed to answer this question, by examining the animal in question.

This entry was posted on 27th March 2017.