Three teaching essentials for your new puppy

Three teaching essentials for your new puppy

by Amy Pearson, APDT Advanced Trainer & We Love Pets Franchisee 

1. Teaching your puppy its name

When you say your dog’s name you want him to look at you and wait to be told what he needs to do next. This is important because if something scares him and he flees towards something dangerous like a busy road getting him to return quickly could be a lifesaver.

2. To come back when called

Teaching your puppy recall – this goes hand in hand with teaching your puppy its name. A good recall is crucial for safety and your peace of mind. Having a strong recall will also make walks more enjoyable for you and your puppy and make it easier to socialise him with other dogs and they will interact more naturally off lead.

3. ‘Leave it’ command

Teaching your puppy, a “leave it” command is important as there are a lot of things in the house and outside that would be bad for your dog. For example, if you drop a tablet and can get your puppy to “leave it” it could save hefty vet bill!

This entry was posted on 25th January 2017.